There are many tools that a business has to help them convert customers. But, when used effectively, one of the most powerful can be automated personalization. Let’s look at what this is and some of the benefits it can provide. 

What is Automation Personalization? 

Personalization allows you to target the experience to better suit your customers. For example, you will be able to show the customer products that they are interested in. When done right, this personal approach will grab their attention from the minute they land on your page. From there, you will be able to build engagement and start creating a lasting relationship. 

The automated aspect simply means that this targeted content will be chosen automatically. This can be based customer service technology audit on previous behavior or the link the customer clicked on to arrive at your site. The more data you can gather about your customers, the more personal you will be able to make the experience. There are a few reasons why this is a good idea. 

Building Engagement

When you use automated personalization, you can make people feel comfortable from the moment they arrive at your site. They will be presented with something that instantly grabs their attention. With so many sites online, it’s important to have a way of building this engagement instantly. If you don’t, people will bounce off the site and move to your competitors. 

More Effective Call to Action

In online marketing, the call to action is critical. This action will need to depend on what stage of the process the customer is in. For example, if they are new to your site, you might want them to sign up for your newsletter. If they have already done this step, you might want to ask them to learn more about your products. This lets you keep nudging people through the sales funnel. 

Improved Segmentation for a Higher Conversion Rate

The more data you can gather about your customers, the better your conversation rate. You will know how to segment your audience effectively. From there, you can create a more targeted message, that is likely to connect with them personally. You’ll be able to address the concerns that are specific to that demographic. When you can do this, it will be easier to move customers through the sales funnel, boosting your conversation rate. 

Building a Personal Relationship

However, one of the most important elements is being able to build a personal relationship with your customers. In this area, it’s the little touches that make all the difference. For example, you can start an email by referring to the customer by name. Or you can show them products they have an interest in. 

Once you have a strong relationship, the customer will want to keep coming back and shopping with you. They will also be more likely to tell their friends and family about your services. Word of mouth remains one of the most effective forms of marketing. 


One of the most important marketing tools in your arsenal is automated personalization. You’ll be able to grow a strong relationship with the customer. Plus, you’ll learn more about the people who are using your services.