The use of mobile phones is prevalent in today’s workplace. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted remote working, and with it comes the greater need for mobile and other technological devices. Given its potential in increasing productivity and convenience, many companies allowed its use in the workplace. 

Along with the rise of the use of mobile devices, using instant messaging (IM) applications such as WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and WeChat has also become commonplace in the workplace. However, using mobile phones at work and choosing IM applications for business communication entails various security and compliance risks. Therefore, the use of a mobile archiver is a must for firms to secure sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. 

Regulators and policymakers have implemented laws and regulations worldwide requiring mobile compliance. As all business-related communications stored on mobile devices are considered valid business records, they must be retained for transparency and compliance purposes. It is even more important for companies in the most regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, education, and IT/BPOs.

Should a business fail to retain records or implement Whatsapp call recording for work-related 

Calls done through WhatsApp, it might suffer penalties and significant revenue loss. The benefits of having holistic mobile archiving solutions include:

  • Be able to capture communication from various mobile channels.
  • Be able to respond to regulatory inquiries allowing easy access to the right information.
  • Be able to eliminate compliance risks by being able to continuously capture voice calls and mobile text messages.
  • Be able to gain valuable business insight and improve IT productivity.
  • Be able to support BYOD and remote work policies. 

Companies often ignore the effectiveness of their mobile archiving solutions until a security incident happens.As such, it leaves them unprepared during regulatory investigations, unannounced audits, and record requests. To prevent this from happening, firms must determine if their mobile archiver’s capabilities are sufficient to be a POC (proof of compliance). 

Accordingly, companies must be confident in the effectiveness of their mobile archiver for oversight purposes and in discovery intelligence from mobile communications.

Read this infographic from TeleMessage to determine whether your mobile archiver POC is successful.