Hey YouTubers, if you want to start earning from YouTube, then you are bound to fill up certain criteria. For a YouTube channel to get monetised, you need to make sure that all the criteria are met. By this, we mean that you need to follow the guidelines which are stated by YouTube to get your first earning from YouTube. It is not child’s play as you need to follow every step in detail without any skips. The reason for it is that YouTube has become strict with its policies and guidelines related to monetising a YouTube channel.

Here, you can start earning from a YouTube channel by monetising the account. Well, this might seem easy at first, but there are many difficulties to face. You can take a shortcut and directly purchase a channel that is pre-monetised, which does not require you to follow any procedure. The procedure which is to be followed is quite tedious, but you can directly purchase a monetised channel. Well, this procedure is lengthy as you need 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months and many other requirements.

There are benefits of purchasing a pre-monetised channel that should be known to you. When it comes to earning money through YouTube, you need to start off the procedure by monetising your YouTube channel. This will not be a problem for you as we are here to help you out with it through this article. Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at the pros of buying a monetised YouTube channel.

  • Start off with money-making instantly

When it comes to making or uploading videos on YouTube, it obviously includes the money-making motive. Here, you should know that you can start making money when your channel is monetised. You cannot start making money without getting your channel monetised as YouTube will not allow ads on your channel etc. By purchasing a youtube channel that is monetised beforehand, you can start earning money without worrying about getting 4000 hours of views etc. Therefore, you will be able to start earning money as a channel that is pre-monetised does not require any other need to be met.

  • Easy to gain subscribers

If you purchase a channel that is pre-monetised, you will get some subscribers beforehand. The reason for this is that a channel that is monetised beforehand comes up with some subscribers who are provided to you. This will help you to gain more subscribers as it provides a certain amount of boost to your channel. There is no need for you to start from 0 as the existing subscribers will provide you with a much-needed boost.

  •  No need for beginner’s hassles

As a beginner, every YouTuber faces difficulties that are quite common. This cannot be eliminated as it is part and parcel of beginning a career as a YouTube channel owner. But, if you purchase a channel that is monetised beforehand, you do not have to face beginner’s hassles. The reason for this is that you can start posting content on the YouTube channel you have purchased, which is pre-monetised.