Fortnite runs using what is famous the “Unreal Engine” – some software produced by Epic Games to supply 3D gaming functionality as well as other developers.

Although the Unreal Engine area of the likes of Fortnite is usually stored from think about the finish user, it’s present and a crucial part of the kind of Fortnite, PUBG along with other leading games.

Regrettably, it may be the issue the engine becomes broken or corrupted, resulting in strange errors – like the “An Unreal Process Crashed: UE4-FortniteGame” error.


The explanation for this error is leaner for that strategies which Home home home windows can’t utilize the UnrealEngine application, essential for kind of Fortnite to function.

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The issue is typically introduced on by issues with settings inside Home home home windows (that may would be the registry), or with integration problems with the kind of DirectX along with other 3rd party libraries.

To fix it, you have to first make sure that Fortnite application remains operated properly, then that you are capable of cleanup any potentially broken settings like the Home home home windows registry or any other 3rd party libraries.


  1. Change Compatibility Settings For Fortnite

The first step is always to really contain the correct “compatibility” settings for Fortnite.

This really is frequently a typical Home home home windows process, which essentially enables any type of Home home home windows after 7 to operate “older” software (created for the kind of XP etc).

Press “Home windows”   “E” keys within your keyboard

Browse to “C:/Program Files/Epic Games/Fortnite/FortniteGame/Binaries/Win64”

Scroll lower to “FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe”


Select “Characteristics”

Inside the top “tabs”, select “Compatibility”

Scroll lower and check “Disable OnScreen Optimizations”

Click OK

Do this again for your “FortniteClient… ” EXE files within the /Win64 folder

Try the sport again

  1. Use Fortnite “Verify” Trick

The next factor is always to test when using the “verify” tool in the Epic Games launcher.

To achieve this is straightforward:

For individuals who’ve exited the “File Explorer” a part of Home home home windows, fill it up again

Search for the folder you are just at, which period DELETE the “FortniteClient-Win64… ” file

After transporting this out, click for the “Epic Games Launcher” inside your hard disk drive

Select “Fortnite”

Near to the eco-friendly “Launch” button, select the small cog icon

Inside the dropdown, select “Verify”

This might perform scan in the game’s files

Enable the scan finish and perform any fixes

Restart your computer to check out the sport again

  1. Change Registry Setting Inside Home home home windows

The Home home home windows registry could be a central database accountable for storing from your desktop wallpaper that applications you’ve used lately.

When you pick the body, various areas of this database may become broken or corrupted – resulting in errors like the one you are experiencing.

To fix this, you can really enter it and modify any settings which have been known as creating the error:

Press “Home home home windows”   “S” keys within your keyboard

Type “Rededit”, right-click the first listing which seems and choose “Run as Administrator”

Browse for an additional: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlGraphicsDrivers”

Right-click and choose “New” > “REG_DWORD”

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Change its name to “TdrDelay”

Change its data to “00000008”

Exit the registry editor

Restart your computer

Try the sport again

When the above doesn’t work, it suggests you have trouble with another part of the system.

Regrettably, because the Unreal Engine is embedded within Fortnite, it’s not something can by hands uninstall without causing further issues.

In case you preferred to have a look, you might be simpler to reinstall the Fortnite game completely, otherwise you need further support, it might be suggested you talk to someone with specific understanding/understanding in regards to the body.

There are numerous communities online which manage to get this done – Reddit, Super User and Microsoft Answers may be the more prolific.