Gaining views on TikTok can seem difficult, leading some creators to consider buying views. However, there are many risks associated with buying views that are important to understand before making this decision.

Choose the right provider

If you decide the potential reward outweighs the risks, choosing the right view provider is key to staying safe. Warning signs of an untrustworthy provider include:

  • They promise outrageously high view counts – Providers have view limits based on their network size. If something seems too good to be true.
  • No refund policy – Legitimate companies offer refunds if bought views drop off too quickly.
  • Pushy sales tactics – A quality provider understands this is an important decision and gives you space instead of pressuring you.

When researching companies, Google them and check for reviews mentioning delivered views dropping off quickly or getting accounts banned. While buying views comes with inherent risks, finding a reliable provider can help minimize them.

Start small

When first testing buying views, start very small. Purchase just 100-500 views from a new provider to assess:

  • View retention rate before committing to more
  • Impact on engagement metrics like likes, shares and comments
  • Most importantly, monitor for any sign your account is at risk of getting banned

Starting, small allows you to evaluate potential risks at a low cost. Once a provider proves reliable, you can choose to purchase more views.

Avoid Red Flags in Your Content 

The content you buy views for also impacts your risk of getting caught and banned. Avoid red flags like:

  • Zero real engagement – If the content gets views but little authentic engagement, TikTok may suspect the views aren’t genuine. Before buying views, try improving the content quality itself to drive real engagement.
  • Sudden spikes in views – Big, unexplainable jumps in views can also trigger TikTok’s attention. Keep view increases gradually to mimic natural growth.

Buy enough views to appear popular, but not so many that the numbers seem inflated. Authenticity is key. Consider buying TikTok views from

Spread purchases over time

Instead of buying all your views at once, have them delivered gradually over days or weeks. This keeps your daily view count rising at a natural pace less likely to arouse suspicion. Timing view deliveries around promoting the content in other ways also helps mask purchased views. If you share a post on Instagram that drives some real views, for example, blend bought views into that initial boost for cover.

Pay attention to your metrics

Keep a close eye on key metrics beyond views to spot any potential issues early, like:

  • Followers and likes – Are these increasing proportionately to your views? Disproportionately low engagement could signal inauthentic views.
  • View duration/retention – Check if views are sticking around to watch. Quick drop-offs may mean bot views.
  • Traffic sources – Where views are coming from will show if a large percentage is from suspicious sources.

Noticing odd inconsistencies gives you a chance to stop purchasing views before TikTok spots the same red flags.

Avoid overusing the same users

When providers deliver views, it’s typically from a network of users they work with. Overusing the same accounts to view your content though can make activity appear coordinated. Ask providers if they rotate user accounts and avoid repeatedly having the same users engage. Diversifying where views come from helps make growth appear more natural.