Several people believe that a website is a digital store, and it is an effective way for businesses to showcase their services and products to the world. However, simply having an online presence is not enough for any business, as their sites have to be accessible. Otherwise, they will not be able to reach out to potential customers and get the lead conversions they expect. Small to large business owners should resort to an accessibility overlay to achieve the above and make their sites accessible to everyone, with users with disabilities.

Install the Accessibe WordPress Plugin for website accessibility

Accessibility implies making the website simple to use for every visitor. For instance, it helps people with a slow Internet connection by rendering them web pages that load quickly. This also includes users with disabilities and those that are surfing the net on their mobile devices and computers.

Installing the Accessibe WordPress plugin helps you boost accessibility for the WordPress site. This tool will detect accessibility issues and help you to rectify them promptly.

It aids users with visual impairments by making the text size bigger and helpful for users with motor disabilities, as they can use their keyboard instead of their mouse for certain tasks.

Know what makes the website accessible?

Two key things go in to making a site accessible, and they are as follows-

1. Tools- Many individuals use tools such as NVDA or JAWS to make their websites accessible. Both of them read the text on the site and help you understand the content as you navigate the site. They are helpful, and they are not the only way for you to make an accessible site. As a business website owner, you should think of web accessibility as a journey more than a destination, as it does take time for you to get everything right on your site.

2. Create websites that are accessible from scratch- The other key component of making your website accessible is to create it from the beginning to make it accessible at the outset. This means you should deploy the correct HTML5 code that is the best for your site and not rely on JavaScript for site navigation. When you build your site with accessibility as your goal, it becomes simpler for you to make the adjustments later, especially when you need to rely on NVDA and JAWS in the future.

As a business owner, you must be aware of your legal obligations when it comes to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which mandates that all public sites should make their sites accessible to users with disabilities. The US Department of Justice incorporates the above laws, and this applies to both mobile apps and business sites.

When it comes to web accessibility, it is not possible for you to hire professionals for web development if you are a small business for time and costs. This is why you should download and install the Accessibe WordPress plugin to help optimize web accessibility round the clock and invoke more web traffic and sales opportunities for your business with success!