This network has a genuine feel to it that you won’t find anyplace else. Perhaps it’s the community, or perhaps it’s the platform’s emphasis on stunning images and innovation. Perhaps it’s the app’s minimal, yet elegant, design and user interface. Whatever it is, Instagram is a fantastic way to build your own community, connect with others who share your interests, and convert your pastime into a lucrative company.

Instagram is a lot of fun, regardless of how many followers you have. To sell your items and get loyal customers/people interested in you or your company, you don’t need thousands of followers. You’re halfway there if your posts receive a lot of engagement. From the minute you create your Instagram account, you should focus on four critical milestones. Focusing on these goals will help you raise your profile and experience the sweet life of Instagram.

  • Reach 100 followers

The first Instagram goal you should set for yourself as soon as you establish your account is to get 100 followers. This is not a difficult task to complete, especially if you use hashtags and consistently produce high-quality material. When you reach 100 Instagram followers, you’ll gain access to Instagram Insights. You must have a Professional (Creator/Business) account to use Instagram Insights. You can change the status of your Personal account from Professional to Personal at any time.

  • Reach 500 followers

Although it may appear to be a random number, once you achieve 100 followers, obtaining 500 followers on instagram should be your top aim. Why do you have 500 followers? Once you reach 500 followers on Instagram, you’ll be able to take advantage of a fantastic feature that can help you build your account: hashtags in Instagram stories. People may utilize hashtags in IG stories in the same way they can in normal posts to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of people and grow their following. A large percentage of these viewers could become your new followers if your tale is of high quality and you also have a nice feed and a compelling biography.

  • Reach 1000 followers

This achievement is crucial in your Instagram journey. Why? Although you won’t acquire any additional features as a result of getting 1000 Instagram followers, this is an essential milestone for your personal benefit. It’s not simple to get so many people interested in your profile. If you can get 1000 people to look at your profile, you can get 2 times as many, 10 times as many, 100 times as many, and so on. You know what measures to take and what works for your profile if you have 1000 followers. You’d be able to multiply it as a result. Because you know what works for your Instagram account and niche.

You’ll be able to convert some of your Instagram followers into website traffic with this functionality. Not only will this make things easier for you, but it will also make things easier for your followers. They’ll be able to browse at your website, business, or blog with a single swipe up without leaving Instagram.