This training course is a one-time, four-hour training that includes learning how to enroll an employee in the Okta SSO successfully. The course can be scheduled up to three days in advance. It is available on demand and through a live webinar and recorded playback.

Two factors influence the price of the training course. First, the number of participants taking the course will affect the number of system administrators needed to facilitate the training session. Second, whether you have a maintenance contract will require you to pay an annual fee for support and maintenance.

Okta does not offer any certifications for completing this training. However, if you do not enroll your employees correctly on your first try, Okta will offer you a second chance and provide a discount on future SSO enrollments.

Okta can be a confusing tool, so you should take this training before attending the live event. The training will guide you through the enrollment process and highlight some critical concerns.

If you still need to complete the Okta onboarding process, please read this article to review what is expected of you before you visit the live course. As you work through your enrollment process, you must understand how your organization uses Okta and what types of information it would like to access from Okta.

If you are not on the free trial but would like to try out Okta for yourself, click here to sign up for a free seven-day Okta Premium and SSO trial. When your trial expires, the price for a one-year premium service agreement is $24.99 per user per month.

Okta training is required for job applicants who join your company to get a complete understanding of the platform and how it will work in your organization. If hiring an outside contractor, please note that the applicant must complete a separate course.

Okta offers many opportunities that may seem similar but have very different outcomes. For example, SharePoint offers many features that allow organizations to share information across teams, while Okta’s SSO service is designed to simplify access within your organization.

What we can do by integrating Okta with our systems is beyond what we can do by integrating SharePoint and other legacy systems into our current workflows.

In conclusion, the Okta training is an opportunity to learn the many features that Okta has to offer. Okta offers a variety of features, such as SSO, Single Sign-On user management, Access Management, and Security. Some tools help manage your employee’s time and access. These tools include Single Sign-On Reporting & Analytics, Time Management Monitoring & Scheduling, and Software License Management. Feel free to ask questions during your training.