Having a good design is fundamental for the growth of any blog. The more impressive the blog looks, the more visitors it will attract. Ultimately, more visitors convert to more subscriptions, shares, and product purchases. If you want your blog redesigned, check out website design Penang.

The first step in designing your blog is finding the perfect theme. You engage in this step once you have figured out your niche and decided on which platform you will be blogging. However, a lot of people face problems at this step. Even though you will come across many free themes on the internet, they may not all suit your blog design.

What do you need in a blog theme?

Finding a free theme is extremely easy. Go to Google, type theme and your platform blogging, and hit search. You will get many premium and free themes. The primary difference between premium and free themes is the quality. When you opt for paid themes, you receive a much higher quality of the theme than those that are free. However, this does not mean that all premium themes are suitable for your blog.

The theme you select must promote your content and make it shine. This is the primary criteria. If you cannot figure out which theme to go with, you should first answer the following question

  • Is it easy to find information when you surf on this theme?
  • Will it make it easy for you to do your content?
  • Is it better to split the content into categories or leave them together?
  • Will you be advertising content/products on the homepage?

Once you have answered the questions, finding a suitable theme for your blog will be much easier. Contact web design Penang for all your website needs.

Depending on your needs, you should select your theme. Suppose you have a fashion-based blog. You will have to put in lots of images and media content in such a blog. Therefore, you should look for a theme that will put less emphasis on text and more on pictures.

Responsive template

If your blog does not work on mobile devices, it will fail in the long run. A responsive theme allows the blog to resize depending on the size of the screen where it is being viewed. Thus, if you want your audience to access and navigate your blog from all screen devices, you should opt for a responsive theme.


Your blog is a reflection of you. Therefore, the theme should have the option of customization. Do not opt for a theme that exhibits someone else’s personality. Even if the theme is pre-made, you can always add a touch of your personality to it. Your customization will set the theme apart from all the other themes in the market.

A theme is only a part of blog designing. Your content is the one that will attract readers and allow your blog to rise in the ranks. Therefore, focus on a good design and great content.