Planning to design an attractive brochure that attracts attention? The traditional brochure design no longer catches the audience’s fancy, especially in the digital age of 2022. It is crucial to upgrade designing skills to create trendy, up to date brochures for business, service, and products.

The trendy brochures are all about using the right fonts and appropriate spacing and ensuring that they are decluttered, organized, and brand type. Brochures are used by businesses for their product launch, sharing information, and give basic idea of things. Here are some trending brochure designing ideas to follow in 2022 to make a kickass brochure for branding and businesses.

Trending Brochure Designing Ideas in 2022

  • Monochromatic design for product description 

Instead of filling the brochure with many colours, stick to a monochrome brochure design for product description, especially for digital gadget like product. A few design elements, neutral colour and the right fonts help focus on the quality visuals and make the product stand out. 

This is an excellent idea for promoting a product and designing corporate brochure design. Along with using products against a dark background, add minimalistic words to explain the features and basics. These brochures focus on development and effectively catch the audience’s attention. 

  • Mix a palette of bright and bold colours 

The best web design company knows the right colours to create attractive brochures. While monochrome tones work better for gadgets and technology products, colorful fonts and images grab attention with their vivid presentation. The combination of muted pastel colours and image designs look beautiful, classy, and attractive.

  • Add some characteristics and examples to the brochure

Visual elements are a must addition to the corporate brochure design. For example, if you promote a camera, add a few images captured by the camera to make it look impactful and illustrious. If it is for a cosmetic brand, use images of people put on the product.

If it is for a high-end or luxury product, use only a minimalistic image with some thoughtful message or words. Make sure to use logos, trademark colours and iconic images to attract the brand.

Illustrations and timeline for the brand 

One of the best ways to design a brochure for a company is to present a company’s timeline and add little illustrations. Line art is a great idea and trend for flyers for apps and icons, and hence it triggers a powerful impact on the viewers.

  • Informative message and creative effect and template  

The best web design company uses innovative and effective textures and templates to create informative brochures. One of the best skills that professional brochure designers use is templates as it is time-saving and deliver the best quality, practical and informative brochures.

  • Minimalistic and simple brochures

The sleek and minimalistic design is a powerful way to depict the brand value and put forward the message right. Minimalistic, neutral colour-based brochures are easy to design, print and do not have to worry about quality control. Simple fonts, plain colours, and attractive, crisp images are the best combination for high-end brochure designs, a skill trending in 2022.